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We are dedicated to helping people like you look for the most beneficial web hosting company on the Internet. We have searched a great deal and experienced a lot of different web hosting companies and packages. If you’re prepared to keep our tips handy, you have a good chance of locating the best web hosting company. First, you must decide what type of hosting you’ll need. Will you publish an individual website or a company website? If you want to promote your business online, then you may require far more power and functions. Choose a web host that can guarantee very low downtime, as you want your website to be on the Internet continuously. So, how will you choose the best web hosting company? The tips below will surely help you.


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The web host has to provide zero downtime, or 99.9% as most claim. Go to their website and make certain they provide it to you. Check their website for details about their infrastructure. Most web hosts are now providing up-time statistics.

Check the web-hosting characteristics they offer. You will more than likely need php or asp support, one or more additional databases, an easy-to-use control panel, sub-domains, and e-mail accounts. Several web hosts will offer you almost infinite use of all of the above, plus unlimited bandwidth. Be certain to find one that does.


The customer support the web host is providing is an essential factor. They should offer dedicated support at no cost or at a minimum cost. Most web hosting companies have toll-free phone numbers to request support but they are free only for the country exactly where the web host company resides. Make certain they do not charge you for initial setup. They should be able to set your account up really fast as well.

Think of the future. Maybe you have already decided on a web host, but will that company be prepared to cover your requirements in the future? If you prefer to find a web host and stick with them, figure out all your website needs, from SSL installation to custom error documents.

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We are huge fans of domain name privacy registration. Basically, when you register a domain name, your contact information (address, telephone number, email) gets posted in a publicly listed WHOIS database. Many registrars offer privacy by masking the information that gets published in the WHOIS database (You still retain ownership of the domain name). GoDaddy charges $9.99 per year, per domain name for this privacy service, but usually gives you a discounted price for the first year around $7.99. Even better, if you decide to purchase your domain name from NameCheap, their WhoIsGuard Privacy Protection is free the first year, and only $2.88 per year afterwards. We have Web Hosting Coupon Codes for this too.

If value is a point, then find an index of web hosts and compare prices and features. You can find web hosts that do precisely that. Just search for the phrase “Website Hosting Providers” and see what you come up with. There are many Domain Registrars offering a free domain with the hosting account, but we recommend using NameCheap or Godaddy to purchase your own. In conclusion, make sure to find out all the offers and discounts available.


Once you have become familiar with your web hosting account, you should go back to your domain name registrar. You will need to point your domain name servers to your new hosting account. Your registrar’s website should have instructions on how to accomplish this. The actual address to enter will be in the greeting e-mail you will receive from your new web host.


Login to the control panel in your new web hosting account. Hopefully you used some of our web hosting coupon codes to save some money. Now scroll down to the Softaculous Apps Installer and install WordPress. You will see it under this tab. While installing, make certain to use a username and password that are challenging for others to guess. Once WordPress is installed, you may login from the installation page by clicking the WP-Admin link.

Once you’re logged in, if it asks you to update WordPress, make sure to do it. There are many tutorials on the web that show you how to build WordPress. One crucial setting is to go to your Permalinks tab and make sure the “Post Name” is checked. Next, get started adding some content. You can dress up your website by adding some pictures to your pages and posts. Either upload them from your computer or find what you are looking on the web. Make sure the pictures you find on the Internet are licensed to work with.

If you want to add video to your website, it’s best to upload it to some sort of video sharing Site like YouTube or Vimeo. Then grab the embedding code and add that to your website using the HTML side in the post editor. Keep experimenting with WordPress until you’re happy with your content and layout.


You should always consider these tips when looking for the best web hosting company. Furthermore, we urge you to search for more information on web hosting if you would like to find a web host that best fits you, your needs, and your wants. For your benefit, we provide that extra information, along with tons of web hosting coupon codes throughout our Site.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a powerful and cheap web hosting company, you have come to the right place! We know you will choose a web hosting company soon, or else you probably wouldn’t be here right now. It will most likely be one of the web hosting companies we have listed here on our Site. Before doing so, browse our Site, choose your desired web hosting company, and then make sure to use one of the Web Hosting Coupon Codes or offers. You will save money, and you know every penny counts when starting any new Business or website. Thanks for visiting CouponFlip.com. We wish you the best using our web hosting coupon codes.